How Do You Get Cheap Car Insurance in Florida?

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In many ways, Florida is a great place to live cheaply. In places like Pensacola and Daytona Beach, beach houses are actually affordable. There’s no state income tax — that’s a plus. And your heating bill is virtually nonexistent.

However, there’s one expense that’s definitely not cheap in Florida: car insurance.

Why is it hard to find cheap car insurance in Florida?

Because of its no-fault insurance rules and rampant fraud, Florida is the sixth most expensive state for car insurance, according to The Insurance Information Institute. The average driver pays $1,141 per year. That’s twice as much as an average driver pays in Idaho, the cheapest state for auto insurance.

The weird thing about Florida is that the cost of car insurance varies dramatically according to the city where you live. Certain smaller towns boast low insurance rates, but in parts of Miami the average annual car insurance bill tops $2,200. Ouch — that hurts more than slapping a sunburn.

If you live in the Sunshine State, or you’re planning to move there, you want to get the best deal possible on your insurance. But how? We’ll walk you through how to find the cheapest Florida car insurance. (And if you want to skip all the explanations, you can start comparing free quotes to find the best deal!)

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How do you get the cheapest Florida car insurance?

The simplest answer: Opt for minimum coverage. Florida sets the bar for coverage really low — to drive legally, you only need $10,000 in personal injury protection (PIP) and $10,000 in property damage liability. PIP covers expenses related to injuries you and your passengers suffer in a car accident. Property damage liability covers damages you cause to someone else’s property in a crash.

So if you’re really broke, and you just need the cheapest Florida car insurance so you can get your car on the road, you can choose state minimum coverage when you’re comparing quotes on The quotes you see will be the absolute lowest we can find.

Keep in mind, however, that carrying the cheapest car insurance may not save you money in the long run. If you get in an accident and you have only the minimum coverage, you may be looking at a totaled car, expensive medical bills or even a lawsuit from the driver you hit. In Florida, it’s a good idea to protect yourself by carrying a full coverage policy.

To get the cheapest Florida car insurance that offers these protections, opt for the Basic level of coverage when you’re comparing quotes. To the state minimum coverage, it adds $10,000/person and $20,000/accident in bodily injury liability, plus $10,000/person and $20,000/accident in uninsured motorist bodily injury. Bodily injury liability pays for expenses related to the injuries or death of others caused by an accident for which you are legally responsible, as well as your legal expenses if you’re sued. Uninsured motorist bodily injury (UMBI) can cover your medical expenses when an uninsured or unknown driver hits you. Basic Florida auto insurance also includes comprehensive/collision coverage, which pays for damage to your own car caused by a crash, hail, a hurricane, etc.

Which companies offer the cheapest Florida car insurance quotes?

The answer really depends on your personal circumstances, such as your age, your driving history, and the type of insurance you’re looking for.

Let’s look at a hypothetical driver who lives in the 33313 ZIP code of Fort Lauderdale — an area that has high insurance rates, but still is lower than Miami. He’s 27, single, and has a clean driving record. And he’s on a tight budget, so he wants the cheapest Florida insurance he can find.

When he compares quotes for state minimum insurance, he gets good deals from companies including:

  • Direct General: They have more than 400 offices across the U.S. and specializes in non-standard auto insurance. Direct General offers a slew of discounts for military service members, safe drivers, homeowners, good students, low-mileage drivers and others.
  • GAINSCO Auto Insurance: A Dallas-based company that specializes in minimum-limits personal auto coverage. GAINSCO offers competitive prices as well as superior customer support and claims handling.

When our Fort Lauderdale driver compares quotes for Basic coverage, he gets competitive quotes from companies including:

  • Mercury Insurance: One of the largest insurance companies in the United States, which provides policyholders with high-quality insurance products, service and protection at an affordable rate. Mercury has been named one of America’s most trustworthy companies by Forbes.
  • The General Auto Insurance: They’re known for saying “yes” when other insurance companies say “no.” They offer plans to drivers who may have a history of violations or accidents, or who have poor credit.

All of these companies are known for providing cheap car insurance quotes in Florida and good customer service. What if our hypothetical driver has an SR-22, or a few accidents in his driving history? Will anyone offer him cheap insurance then? Yes! While rates typically go up when you have a checkered driving record, our insurers will still offer you the lowest quotes they can.

If you need to find cheap auto insurance in Florida, the best way to do it is to compare quotes on It’s fast, free and easy. Start here!

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