Save Money With The 10 Best Car Insurance Companies

If you want to save some serious cash on your car insurance, check out this list of the 10 best companies for all types of drivers.

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Finding the car insurance policy that works for you can be is a daunting task. There are endless companies to choose from, and rates fluctuate constantly for a wide range of reasons, so it’s hard to know where to start. Luckily, you’re not alone. We crunched some numbers from our extensive experience in comparing car insurance and asked some experts at for their advice, and here’s what we came up with: 10 of the best car insurance providers you can find to help you save money.

Best for Students

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Best: Clearcover

Clearcover is a great option for students because it’s affordable and because it’s easy and fast to use, especially for anyone who is familiar with technology. Policyholders can make payments and file claims instantly through their award-winning app, and on average their claims are paid in less than 3 days!

Runner-up: Esurance

Your GPA might be more important than you think it is! If you’re a student who makes good grades (a GPA of 3.0 or higher), you could qualify for a 10% discount with Esurance. On top of that, you can make payments, update your policy, and more through their app, making it super convenient for students to manage their car insurance.

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Best Rates if You Got a Ticket

Best: Dairyland

Dairyland specializes in insuring drivers with a spotty record. Not only that, they provide reliable and affordable policies. The average monthly rate for a driver with a previous speeding ticket is just $98!

Runner-up: Direct Auto

Built on the idea that all drivers, regardless of previous record, deserve affordable insurance, Direct Auto can provide affordable rates even if you’ve gotten a speeding ticket or other moving violation. They also offer several services that make managing your policy convenient -- even letting you make payments via text.

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Best Rates if You Got in an Accident

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Best: Kemper

Kemper is one of the most affordable options for drivers who have had an at-fault accident, with an average monthly rate of just over $100. They offer a wide variety of flexible plans so that you can get exactly the coverage you need.

Runner-up: GAINSCO

Specializing in insuring high-risk drivers, GAINSCO could be the right option for you if you’ve had a previous accident. Their average monthly rate for drivers like this is just $120!

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Best for Full Coverage Insurance

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Best: Safeco

Safeco Insurance, a subsidiary of Liberty Mutual, offers some of the cheapest rates for full coverage, at just $139/month on average for 25/50/25 coverage limits. They also offer features like accident forgiveness and roadside assistance and are a great option for anyone who appreciates the personal touch and higher level of service that comes with working with an agent.

Runner-up: Nationwide

If you’re looking for even more peace of mind, Nationwide offers one of the most affordable prices for a higher coverage level policy, at just $141/month on average for 50/100/50 limits. This could be the right option for you if you’re worried about your assets being threatened and want to make sure that your policy has got you covered.

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Best for Remote Workers


As the world continues to recover from a global pandemic, more and more companies and people are choosing to work remotely, and remote work means less driving. If you drive 50 miles a day or less on average, Metromile’s pay-per-mile system could help you save a lot on car insurance.

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Best Overall: Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual

If you’re looking for the perfect balance of reliable service and affordable policies, Liberty Mutual might be the right option for you. With over 100 years of industry expertise, you can feel confident that you’ll be taken care of with the best service possible. They also have a number of discount options that may get you an even lower rate, including an alternative energy discount and an accident free discount, among several others.

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