California's Low Cost Insurance Program

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Everyone wants cheap car insurance. Not everyone finds it. But, California drivers have a better chance than most thanks to a law passed in California in 1999. The California Low Cost Automobile Insurance Program helps California drivers gain access to the cheap car insurance they need to safely and legally drive their vehicles.

What is it?

Passed into law in 1999, California’s Low Cost Automobile Insurance Program was a legislative act designed to help CA drivers afford the cost of car insurance. The program helps California drivers acquire low cost car insurance if they meet specific financial criteria in addition to having a clean driving record. The definition of “clean driving record” is applied according to its use in the California Insurance Code.

To ensure that drivers meet the specific criteria outlined in the state insurance code, a short eleven question survey needs to be completed before drivers can complete the application process. If approved, the program provides only the state minimum liability coverage to the insured driver. Collision and comprehensive insurance is not included, but may be purchased elsewhere. CA drivers may not purchase additional liability coverage from another source, as it would void their policy under this program.

Who Qualifies?

The state of California has a set question list devoted to the low cost car insurance program which can assist CA drivers in determining whether or not they qualify for financial assistance. See whether you qualify by answering the below questions:

  1. Are you a California Resident?
  2. Do You Have a California Driving License?
  3. Is Your Vehicle Worth a Maximum of $25,000?
  4. Is Your Car Only Used for Personal Use & Commuting?
  5. Will All Cars In Your Household Be Under The Low Cost California Insurance Program?
  6. For a Two-Adult Household, is Your Household Income Less Than $41,150?
  7. Can You Provide Proof of Your Household Income?
  8. Are You At Least 16 Years of Age?
  9. Can You Confirm You Are Not a College Student Being Claimed On Your Parents’ Tax Return
  10. Can You Confirm You Have No Misdemeanors or Felonies On Your Driving Record
  11. In The Past Three Years, Can You Confirm You Have Not Had a Car Accident, Where You Were At Least 51% at Fault and Someone was Killed/Injured
  12. Do You Have One Point or Less on Your Driving Record?

If you answered yes to all of these questions, you may qualify for the program. This also depends on being able to prove the above and your zip code. You can check out their comprehensive FAQ section which addresses some of the most common questions concerning the program.

What Else Do You Get?

It’s great to find car insurance that you can afford, but it’s even better to have options with regard to payment methods. In addition to providing affordable car insurance to CA drivers, the program also offers multiple ways for drivers to pay their car insurance premium. The program also allows drivers to pay their premiums using a wide selection of methods including money order, check, debit, or credit card. Payments can be mailed, paid over the phone, or paid online – much like any other car insurance company. Most plans require a down payment, followed by incremental payments made each month for six months.

Are There Other Ways to Get Cheap Insurance?

Not all CA drivers can qualify for this program, but don’t worry. has you covered. You can get multiple quotes from top California insurance providers and compare their rates side by side so you’ll know that you’re getting the lowest car insurance rate available to you. Start saving money now and get free car insurance quotes on

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