Which Auto Insurance Providers Have the Best Apps?

How to select the best car insurance provider applications

Selecting the best auto insurance company mobile app is a lot like picking the right auto insurance policy. It’s a highly personal, extremely customized process. In other words, what one policyholder considers to be “the best” app could be very different than what another motorist picks as No. 1.

When breaking down the mobile apps provided by Geico, Allstate, State Farm, Nationwide, Progressive and other companies, there are several areas to assess. This guide will help identify and explain the key criteria to consider – and help you figure out what’s the best app out there.

Matching your insurance provider to your mobile device

The first question you need to answer when determining how effective your auto insurance providers apps are is whether or not your mobile device is compatible with your service provider and software platform. The good news is that more and more frequently, apps are built for all the major software platforms, including Apple (iOS) and Android. Additionally, an increasing number of apps are available for the Kindle Fire and Windows Phone line.

If you can’t find this compatibility information or how to download an app on a car insurance provider’s website, then you should be able to find the apps at the Apple App Store and Google Play store. Please note that depending on your carrier plan, you may be responsible for data rates when accessing these apps.

Exploring basic auto insurer app functionality

The features and capabilities packaged within car insurance provider apps run the gamut of utility and convenience. Some of the most basic and useful features enable you to:

  • Pay your car insurance bill
  • Make changes to your policy
  • Start a claim
  • Take and upload accident photos
  • Access insurance documents

While Geico, State Farm and other auto insurance apps possess many of the same features, their design, speed and other performance indicators may not all measure up. But not having a satisfying app user experience is rarely a reason on its own to compare car insurance providers.

Breaking down the best auto insurance provider mobile apps

Here is a quick glance at some of the most evolved auto insurance company mobile apps:

  • Progressive App: Need all your coverage and policy features at the touch of your finger? The Progressive App completes the life cycle of auto insurance, enabling you to accomplish everything from getting a quote to paying your bill directly from your smart phone or tablet. You can even get in touch with your agent or request roadside assistance right from the app.
  • State Farm Pocket Agent: Access auto insurance info and your bank account transaction history, find a locksmith and even check in on a claim with State Farm’s mobile app. Select features are only available to registered Statefarm.com users.
  • Geico Mobile App: A highly intuitive and personalized experience, the Geico Mobile App provides functionality ranging from a virtual assistant named Lily to real-time accident assistance capabilities and the ability to pop up your digital insurance cards in a jiffy.

Additional car insurance company app functionality

Some car insurance apps favor cost savings and even a little fun over straight up practicality. For example, Geico has a mobile game called Tricky Traffic and Progressive has an Art App, which allows users to browse digital galleries of contemporary works while learning about artists. Some apps give your bottom line a boost, including Allstate’s Drivewise Mobile app and State Farm’s Steer Clear Mobile app. Both of these apps monitor your driving to determine if you’re eligible for special programs or discounts that help cut the cost of premiums. Steer Clear Mobile is specifically designed for drivers younger than 25 years old.

There are few things you can’t do when it comes to managing or using your auto insurance policy with mobile aps. When comparing insurance companies, you should definitely take the time to review a provider’s mobile app options if this is a feature you’ll use often. It may not hold as much weight as available discounts and the premium itself, but depending on your provider, a solid insurance app can save you time and money down the road.

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