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Where Are the Lowest Auto Insurance Rates in Dallas?

Cheapest Car Insurance Rates by Neighborhood
Dallas Neighborhood Average Annual Quote
Design District $571.93
West Dallas $587.74
Caruth Hills $663.52
Preston Hollow $703.15
University Park $714.10
Campbell Green $736.15
Hillcrest Forest – Melshire Estates $742.46
Northaven Park $742.46
Uptown – OakLawn – Knox Park $746.02
Lake Ridge Estates $753.88
Walnut Hill $766.47
White Rock Valley $790.62
Prestonwood – Preston Trail – Preston Highlands $817.66
Far North Dallas $827.83
Oaktree $830.34
North Dallas $841.20
Oak Cliff $843.52
Deep Ellum $857.71
South Dallas-Fair Park $872.56
Lake Highlands $884.23
Lower Greenville $886.66
Downtown Dallas $895.13
Highlands of McKamy $919.54
Greenland Hills $927.22
Moss Farm – Forest Meadow $936.24
Lakewood Heights – Lakeview Heights – Wilshire Heights – Caruth Terrace $952.13
Pleasant Grove $1008.91

Dallas neighborhoods vary dramatically in terms of real estate value – the Design District is almost entirely rental properties, while homes in Caruth Hills are, on average, valued at over a million dollars. Those two neighborhoods have average annual car insurance payments of $571.93 and $587.74, respectively, so there is clearly more involved in calculating auto insurance than real estate prices. At the higher end of the insurance spectrum, Lakeview Heights‘ homes are about half a million dollars, and Pleasant Grove has a median home value of about $75,000. Those communities have an average annual car insurance of $952.13 and $1008.91, respectively. The discrepancy between the two extreme appears to be due more to crime rates in the neighborhoods than property value.

It is difficult to predict exactly which Dallas neighborhoods will yield the lowest car insurance premiums, but there is quite a disparity between the cheapest and most expensive areas of the city. Crime rates and property value will obviously have an effect on those rates, as well as the percentage of owners versus renters in a given area.

Texas Auto Insurance Fact: The average Liability-only coverage in Texas costs 528.75.

How We Did It

We compared auto insurance rates across multiple neighborhoods in Dallas, to see where we could find the lowest rates. To do this, we built out a test profile. To start, we looked at drivers aged 22 or over, who are either renting or in a single-family home. All of these drivers had clean driving records (no incidents reported) and proof of prior insurance (a big rating factor for auto insurers.) All of our sample drivers had a Bachelor’s Degree and were only insuring themselves – no additional people on the policy.

Lastly, we looked at Liability-only plans, under 100/300 BI limits. Those policies insure up to 100K per person affected by an accident, with up to 300K for the entire cost of the accident. We didn’t include comprehensive/collision (insuring your car against damage) because that can add quite a bit to the policy’s cost, and can vary wildly depending on the make and model of your vehicle.

Required Car Insurance Coverage in Dallas

Texas requires all of its motorists to carry a certain amount of liability coverage – 30/25/60 is the required minimum coverage in Dallas. That means you’ll be insured for $30,000 per person injured in an accident, $25,000 of property damage (the affected driver’s car, typically) per accident, and $60,000 to cover everybody injured in the accident. Beyond that, any potential liability would be covered by the at-fault driver.

  • $30k bodily injury liability per person
  • $60k bodily injury liability per accident
  • $25k property damage liability per accident

What Factors That Affect Your Insurance Rates?

There are many factors that affect the price of your insurance like credit score, the type of car you drive, and even if you’ve had a lapse in insurance policies. We will go through a few factors that affect Dallas drivers.

Does Age & Gender Affect Your Car Insurance?

Below we have compared quotes from both males and females across a few age ranges within the Dallas area. Check out how you compare to other drivers.

Auto Insurance Rates by Age and Gender
Age Range Male Drivers Female Drivers
18-25 $1188.67 $1158.95
25-35 $882.78 $897.87
35-45 $836.33 $837.72
45-55 $708.11 $875.86
55-65 $688.40 $853.85
65+ $765.43 $583.08

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How Dallas Traffic Can Increase or Decrease Your Rates

Of the top 100 most congested roadways in Texas, 19 are in Dallas. Woodall Rodgers Fwy (SS 366) is the worst roadway in the city, in terms of congestion. With so many people that close together, accidents are more likely to occur and car insurance rates will reflect that increased likelihood. Each year, drivers will spend a collective five million hours stuck behind the wheel. In addition to being frustrating as a driver, that means that you’re spending more time behind the wheel, and more time at the whims of other, frustrated, careless drivers around you. This increases the likelihood of fender benders, which causes even worse congestion.

Traffic Congestion in Dallas, TX
Rank Road Name Annual Hour Delay per Mile Annual Congestion Cost
1 SS 366 – US 75 to N. Becklye Ave 1,087,612 $29,762,768
2 IH 35E/US 77 – SH 183 to IH 30 802,780 $87,280,006
3 US 75 – IH 635 to SS 366 630,409 $112,923,318
4 US 75 – SH 190 to IH 635 506,056 $64,331,798
5 IH 635 – US 75 to SH 78 446,252 $63,179,802
6 IH 345/ US 75 – US 75 to US 175 433,155 $22,700,222
7 IH 30/ US 67 – Jefferson Viaduct to SL 12 E 417,513 $65,808,794
8 IH 35E/US 77 – IH 30 to US 67 415,437 $38,413,533
9 IH 635 – SH 78 to US 80 366,272 $46,004,056
10 Dallas North Tollway – George Bush Turnpike to IH 635 362,976 $42,196,598


Dallas Car Accident and Fatality Rate

In 2016, there were 55,816 crashes in the county of Dallas. Although this was only 10% of the total crashes in the state of Texas, almost 26% of those crashes caused serious injury to those involved.

Dallas has the second highest number of driver fatalities in Texas, with 314 recorded in 2016 and 259 recorded in 2015. Per capita, they are ranked 196 out of 254 in 2016 and 208 out of 254 in 2015. Of those fatal crashes, 92 were due to intoxicated drivers, accounting for 105 fatalities. The population density of Dallas likely plays a role in this elevated incident rate. Although Dallas is the third most populous city in Texas (behind Houston and San Antonio), it is far denser than San Antonio. They average 2,000 more people per square mile. That’s a lot more people who might get in your way.

Texas as a whole has a high number of auto accidents. There was at least one automobile-related fatality every day in 2016 in Texas. Due to this increased risk of a potential crash, your insurance rates are likely to be higher in Texas than in other, similar areas in other states.

Neighborhood Safety and Crime Rates

Over ten percent of the motor vehicle thefts in the state of Texas occur in Dallas. In terms of overall safety, Lakeview Heights has the highest overall safety rating from, with a solid A. In spite of that stellar safety rating, it has the second highest annual auto insurance premium at $952.13. This probably has far more to do with its position in the list of Top 10 richest neighborhoods in Dallas, with a median income of $70k. Campbell Green, with its annual premiums of just $736.15, is rated second safest, with a rating of A-. As with Lakeview Heights, the higher premiums are likely due to a high real estate value – although the homes are, on average, $200,000 less than in Lakeview Heights, the median home value is still over $500,000.

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