Electric BMWs: Current and Future Models

Updated February 21st, 2022

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Interested in an EV, yet want to avoid driving a glorified golf cart? You’re not alone. One of the main reasons driving aficionados were skeptical about electric cars when they debuted was the question of whether or not they’d drive with the performance of gas-powered vehicles. But when revered automakers like BMW entered the fray, those fears went away quietly. 

While Tesla makes most of the headlines in the EV world, Germany‘s famed BMW brand has developed an impressive all-electric stable of its own. Electric BMWs pack all the performance and handling excellence the brand is known for into zero-emission electric vehicles.

If you’re in the market for a new BMW EV, you have a few options to explore. In this article, we’ll go over the features of each electric BMW on the market today and see what the brand has in store for future all-electric BMW models.

BMW i3

Starting MSRP: $44,450 

Combined city/highway range: 113 MPGe

The BMW i3 is a five-door all-electric hatchback that debuted in 2013. Considered a torch-bearer for the brand’s entry into the EV marketplace, the car was met with strong sales and global critical acclaim

The car’s $44,450 starting MSRP gave it a reasonable price point for many drivers eager to get behind the wheel of a luxury brand car with an electric motor. Critics and drivers also enjoy the BMW i3‘s quirky, futuristic styling. 

The car’s small wheelbase and low curb weight give it superb handling and the ability to fit into small parking spots. This is a particular advantage for drivers who frequently travel in close-knit, urban environments.

That said, the BMW i3‘s small interior makes it a non-starter for both carpoolers and drivers with multiple kids in tow. Despite BMW‘s EV hatchback’s numerous successes, it was discontinued in July of 2021. However, if one of BMW’s new all-electric cars is a bit out of your price range, it remains a viable EV option on the used market.

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BMW i4

Electric BMWs: BMW i4 eDrive40

Starting MSRP: $55,400

Combined city/highway range: 109 MPGe

The BMW i4 is a battery electric vehicle that carries on the technological features fostered by the tinier i3, but with the more traditional looks of the 4-series it shares a platform with. Here, the famous automaker offers a subcompact coupe that looks and drives much like its BMW forbearers.

The i4 eDrive 40 has a rear-wheel drivetrain and impressive performance specs, including 335 horsepower with 317 lb-ft of torque. In addition, it is available in your choice of a dozen eye-catching colors.

Regardless of trim, the i4’s low center of gravity and high-voltage battery pack gives drivers the speed and driving dynamics they’ve come to expect from the venerated German automaker

The sloping, aerodynamic front hood and recognizable BMW-style kidney grille are other style components that connect the car to the brand’s fabled performance heritage, yet with an environmentally friendly, zero-emissions powertrain. 



Starting MSRP: $83,200

Combined city/highway range: 86 MPGe

BMW fans looking for a BEV that can fit them, their luggage, and their family have rejoiced in the debut of the BMW iX, the first crossover-like vehicle in the brand’s iDrive suite. The BMW iX is a battery-electric “sports activity vehicle” (SAV) that provides top speeds for the performance driver in you along with many of the standard features you need in an everyday family vehicle. 

BMW engineers placed the car’s battery at a spot in the vehicle to emphasize a low center of gravity, which, along with its robust all-electric powertrain, is a big factor in its couple-like acceleration capability. The iX can go from 0-to-60 MPH in 4.4 sections, with its all-wheel drive, dual-motor powertrain offering 516 horsepower

Specialized driving modes allow you to command every aspect of your iX driving experience, with modes like Sport, Efficient and Personal. In addition, lavish cabin comforts like all-leather seating and personalized ambient lighting help make navigating this electric BMW an even more unique experience.

Plug-In Hybrid Electric BMWs

Looking for an alternative way to get behind the wheel of a BMW without splurging on an all-electric ride? BMW currently offers these four plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. While their range isn’t quite as efficient as their all-electric siblings, they still provide a more environmentally friendly way to harness venerated BMW performance:

  • The BMW 740e is a full-sized PHEV luxury sedan with a starting MSRP of $95,900
  • The BMW x5 xDrive45e is a midsize luxury crossover PHEV with a starting MSRP of $63,700.
  • The BMW 330e starts at $42,950. The car is a subcompact coupe that could accurately be described as a hybrid version of the legendary BMW 3-series. 
  • The BMW 530e, similarly, is a gas-electric version of BMW’s popular 5-series sedan, with a starting MSRP of $55,550.

Future Electric BMWs


It’s safe to say that BMW‘s emerging eDrive technology is just at its genesis and that the future of BMW electrified vehicles looks bright. As of this writing, the brand is showcasing four all-electric BMWs that are currently in the concept phase. And while exact production dates are yet known, these high-tech, futuristic vehicles show just how dedicated the brand is to its goal of having 50% of its global retail sales be all-electric by 2030

The most mesmerizing of all the electric BMWs to be released as concepts thus far is the BMW Vision M Next. The car’s exterior features an illuminated, laser-etched kidney grille paired with geometric side air intakes to maximize aerodynamic efficiency. 

Features like fully integrated headlights further reduce drag, while a three-part rear window pays design homage to the brand’s venerated BMW M1 coupe. While it’s hard to view this car as a daily driver, the advancements in fast charging and electric performance technology are likely to trickle down across all of BMW‘s lineup offerings.

Other Things to Consider

Don’t forget to explore state and federal incentive programs and tax credits to help defer the cost of your new electric BMW, including those that apply to the purchase and installation of your home charging station

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