Tesla Roadside Assistance: Coverage & How Long it Lasts

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Updated May 6th, 2022

Tesla roadside assistance: person changing a car's tire

Tesla revolutionized the world of electric vehicles, but these super high-tech vehicles are not impervious to breaking down or needing roadside assistance for another reason. Whether it’s a flat tire, dead battery, or another issue, Tesla offers its own roadside assistance program to ensure you’re on the road quickly.

But what exactly does Tesla’s roadside assistance cover and how does it work? Most of all, is it worth the cost, or should you just opt for the roadside assistance offered through your car insurance provider?

We cover this and more below.

How Long Does Tesla Roadside Assistance Last?

The basic Tesla roadside assistance is good for four years or 50,000 miles. It’s included in battery and drive unit coverage in Tesla’s New or Pre-Owned Vehicle Limited Warranty. This means for the first four years or 50,000 miles, Tesla roadside assistance is free for covered events.

Plus, Tesla roadside assistance does transfer to owners other than the original one. So long as it’s within the warranty period, the roadside assistance is valid.

Is There a Longer Roadside Assistance Program?

According to Tesla, roadside assistance is included in some extended service agreements too. This means roadside assistance will extend to whatever the terms of that extended service contract are. There is no standalone roadside assistance package you can purchase from them, so check the service contract details to see if it’s included.

What Does Tesla Roadside Assistance Cover?

Tesla roadside assistance covers three basic items: tires, towing, and lockout service. Here are the specifics of each covered roadside assistance service.

Tesla Flat Tire Coverage

In some markets, Tesla’s roadside assistance team carries loaner wheels so you can drive your Tesla to the nearest service center to have your flat tire repaired or replaced with a new tire. You must return the loaner wheel to Tesla within three days, and the roadside assistance team will come to install your original wheel and take back the loaner.

If there is no loaner wheel available, Tesla roadside assistance will tow your vehicle to the nearest service center for free as long as it’s within 50 miles. If the service center is farther than 50 miles, you will pay extra.

Tesla Towing Coverage

Tesla roadside assistance: towing pickup truck parked outside

If your Tesla breaks down and is undrivable due to a mechanical or technical failure covered under warranty, you can contact roadside assistance for a tow. They will tow you to the nearest Tesla service center for free within 500 miles — anything over 500 miles will incur a fee.

If the service center determines a warrantable issue did not cause the malfunction, you will be charged for the towing on your repair bill.

Tesla Lockout Service

If you accidentally lock your keys in the car, you can contact Tesla roadside assistance, and they will attempt to unlock it remotely. However, you must be in an area with internet (3G, 4G, or Wi-Fi) service for this to work.

If they cannot unlock the vehicle remotely, roadside assistance will dispatch a trained tow service provider within 50 miles to manually unlock the doors.

If you’ve lost the key fob and need a tow, roadside assistance will provide a one-time courtesy tow within 50 miles to a service center to have a new keyfob made. The making of the key fob is at your expense.

What if I Run Out of Battery?

If you run out of battery, this is not a covered roadside assistance service for Tesla owners. However, just because the roadside assistance policy doesn’t cover it, this doesn’t mean Tesla can’t help.

If you run out of battery on the road, you can contact roadside assistance and request transportation services to the nearest charging station.

Does Roadside Assistance Cover Other Services?

Yes. Tesla does not list all the available services through its roadside assistance team, but it states, “For all services not listed, we are still equipped and ready to assist you.“ Simply contact roadside assistance, and the customer support representative will tell you if your issue is something roadside assistance can help with.

At the very least, you can get a tow to the nearest service center for repairs.

Keep in mind that any uncovered repairs will be at your expense.

What Are the Exceptions in Tesla’s Roadside Assistance Coverage?

Tesla’s free roadside assistance coverage has a range of exceptions to keep in mind. Here’s a partial list of some items roadside assistance does not cover:

  • Transportation back to the service center after repairs are complete
  • Coverage in hazardous areas
  • Any issues related to customs clearance
  • Cost for ferries, tolls, and other fees
  • Damages caused by accidents, collisions, objects hitting the car, and damage caused by road fixtures
  • Driving the vehicle off road
  • Racing the vehicle
  • Extraction from mud or snow
  • Damage due to abuse or negligence
  • Broken window or windshield repair
  • Overloading the vehicle
  • Reimbursement for third-party roadside assistance
  • Storage charges incurred
  • Damaged caused by vandalism

How Do I Request Roadside Assistance?

Tesla's interior

There are two ways to request roadside assistance from Tesla. First, you can call the service at 1-877-798-3752 if you’re in the U.S. or Canada.

The other way is via the Tesla mobile app. Open the app and tap “Roadside” near the bottom of the screen. Choose the issue you’re having with your vehicle and add any additional details necessary. Tap “Request help” to submit your roadside assistance request.

Can I Use Roadside Assistance Once My Warranty Expires?

Yes, you can continue using Tesla roadside assistance after your warranty period. However, you will be charged for any services you request. You can get cost estimates and request service via the U.S. and Canada Tesla roadside assistance number: 1-877-798-3752.

You can also request service through the mobile app as outlined above.

Is Tesla Roadside Assistant Worth it After the Warranty Coverage?

Tesla’s roadside assistance is a great service during the warranty period for covered services.

The chances are it’s not worthwhile to use it as needed and pay for the service calls after it’s expired. There’s no problem with Tesla’s services. It’s purely the fact that many insurance companies include limited roadside assistance in their comprehensive and collision policies. And if it’s not included, you can add it as an additional service for minimal cost — likely not much more than a single service call from Tesla.

So, if you purchase a used Tesla that’s outside the warranty period or already own a Tesla car and are over the warranty threshold and want to continue using roadside assistance, you may want to look into finding an auto insurance provider that offers this with its policies.

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