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Clearcover uses advanced technology to offer better coverage at lower prices than traditional carriers and provide easy and transparent sign-up and claims experiences.

Clearcover is a smarter insurance company. While most car insurance companies make empty promises to save you money, Clearcover delivers on this promise. They offer better coverage at lower prices than traditional carriers by using advanced technology, eliminating wasteful spending, and promoting transparency to help consumers make informed decisions.

Clearcover insurance was built from the ground up for today’s drivers. They use the latest in artificial intelligence and machine learning to make sure you find the coverage that fits you best. They offer modern coverage packages that fit your lifestyle. And, they have globally recognized partners that back your policy with billions of dollars, ensuring your money is safe.

If you know what you want, you can buy insurance through’s online application in a few minutes or less. Once you’re a Clearcover customer, the claims process offers modern, app-based tools if you want to take care of things yourself, and real people if you need someone to talk with.

Why choose Clearcover Insurance?

  • They use advanced technology to provide the “right” coverage. They do this by using AI and machine learning to help you make a better assessment of your risk. Everyone’s coverage needs are different, but joining Clearcover means you can be confident you’re covered.
  • They are around when you need them, and won’t bother you when you don’t. Clearcover understands you don’t love thinking about insurance. So they focus all their energy on moments when car insurance really matters – like right now. Clearcover is dedicated to spending less on advertising so that they can save you more money.
  • They provide better coverage for less money. There is a lot of waste in the insurance industry. Clearcover designed their company and technology to cut waste in the exact areas where Big Insurance companies spend too much of your money

Did you know...?

  • In 2016, the top 4 car insurance companies spent over $5B on advertising. The money used to finance all those commercials comes from your premiums. Clearcover built a smarter model that eliminates the wasteful spending and passes these savings onto you.
  • The majority of the top 20 car insurance carriers in the country don’t offer the ability to enroll and manage your car insurance from a mobile app. Clearcover launched with this ability because they are a technology company that offers insurance, rather than an insurance company trying to build modern technology.
  • If you drive for Uber, Lyft or another ridesharing company, there could be important gaps in your coverage. Clearcover offers affordable rideshare coverage that fills these gaps.

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