5 of Texas's Most Haunted Places

October 12, 2016

haunted places in Texas

Massacred soldiers. Haunted portraits. Phantom cowboys. Everything’s bigger in Texas — even its ghosts. Ready for a road trip to all the creepy places in the Lone Star State?

Here’s our list of the top five haunted places in Texas.

5. The Grove in Jefferson, Texas

The Grove isn’t much to look at. It’s a small, white house in a small town in northeastern Texas. But this cottage, which dates to 1861, kicks off our haunted places in Texas list with a spirit in every room. Residents and guests have seen a lady in white drifting through the garden, shadowy figures passing through the house and even a ghostly dog. Tours are offered on weekends, but beware: You might catch a supernatural sickness. Visitors sometimes “get a queasy feeling in the dining room or game room, and two ladies have even fainted,” the current owner says.

Reserve a room at the Jefferson Hotel, considered one of the most haunted hotels in Texas because of its noisy and mischievous ghosts. While you’re in town, leave a rose at the grave of Diamond Bessie, a beautiful prostitute whose wealthy murderer went free.

4. The Driskill Hotel in Austin, TexasMost haunted place in Texas

If the movie “1408” freaked you out, do not check into the Driskill Hotel — especially room 525. Legend says that two young women, both on their honeymoons, committed suicide in that room twenty years apart. Other strange phenomena have been reported, too. While preparing for a performance, Annie Lennox of the Eurythmics laid out two dresses on her bed in the hotel and then went to take a shower. When she returned, one dress had been repacked in her suitcase.

The most famous legend in the Driskill concerns a portrait of a little girl holding a bouquet of flowers. People say it’s a picture of four-year-old Samantha Houston, who fell down the hotel staircase in 1887 and died. Guests have reported odd feelings of nausea, or of being lifted off the ground, while looking at it. The problem: the portrait isn’t Samantha’s, a researcher found.

3. Miss Molly’s Hotel in Fort Worth, Texas

One of the lesser-known haunted hotels in Texas is a place in Fort Worth called Miss Molly’s. With its lace-curtain Victorian décor, Miss Molly’s may seem quaint — until you discover its crazy past. It was built in 1910 and became a bordello in the 1940s, and some say its colorful occupants never left. Guests have experienced cold spots, phantom smells and doors locking on their own, and have seen ghostly cowboys and ladies of the night. Want to spot your own spirit? The former madam’s room is known as the most active site.

2. Presidio La Bahia in Goliad, Texasghost tours in Texas

The ghosts of Presidio La Bahia must be really pissed off. This church and fort complex, built by Spanish colonists in 1749, is notorious for a dark incident that occurred in 1836, during the Texas War for Independence.  Mexican soldiers captured Texan Colonel James W. Fannin and held his troops prisoner in Presidio La Bahia for a week. Then, they received orders from Mexican General Santa Anna to kill all 400 of Fannin’s men.

After witnessing the massacre, Fannin made three requests: that he not be shot in the face, that his personal possessions be sent to his family, and that he be given a Christian burial. According to accounts from the time, “he was shot in the face, an officer took his personal possessions, and his body was burned along with many of the other bodies.” Ouch.

You can stay the night at the Presidio, if you dare. People have reported spirits banging on the walls and doors of the guest quarters, and ghost-hunters have detected voices mumbling and crying.

1. The Marfa Lights in Marfa, Texas

The problem with visiting most haunted places in Texas is that you probably won’t see any unexplained phenomena for yourself. The Marfa lights are different. Since the 1880s, people have seen odd colored lights moving near the horizon — and you may, too, if you drive out east of town on Highway 90. Aliens? Ghosts? No one knows.

The lights aren’t all you’ll see. Marfa’s a wonderfully weird, art-filled destination. Don’t miss Prada Marfa, a realistic replica of a Prada store in the middle of the desert.  To deter thieves, all the shoes are right-footed and none of the handbags have bottoms.

If these haunted places in Texas didn’t satiate your need for scare, road trip up to the Eastern Shore to check out the 5 most haunted places in Virginia.

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