TSC>Direct Insurance

Why choose TSC>Direct Insurance?

  • TSC>Direct policies are 12 months, so that you won’t have any surprise rate increases for an entire year
  • They have been granted an A- rating by AM Best, one of the US’ leading financial strength rating organizations
  • The Better Business Bureau has given them an A+ rating

Did you know...?

  • Customer Service: 516-681-9400
  • Claims: 516-681-9400
  • TSC>Direct, 100 Jericho Quadrangle, Suite 124, Jericho, New York 11753
  • [email protected]

TSC> Direct Auto Insurance Discounts

  • Daytime running lights: If your car has lights that automatically run in the daytime, you can save 3% on your insurance premium
  • Air bags: Save a massive 30% if your car has airbags
  • Anti-theft: Does your car have a tracker? Alarm? VIN etching? These are all ways that you can save up to 15% on your car insurance
  • ABS: Most modern cars have ABS (anti-lock braking systems), which means that you may qualify for a 7% discount straight away
  • Multi-car: Insure more than one car on the same policy and get up to 25% off your price
  • Good student: Prove your grades are a B or higher and you can save up to 15% on your policy price

What is TSC Direct Auto Insurance?

Are you in the New York metropolitan area? If yes, then listen up. TSC Direct Auto Insurance solely services residents in your area and believe insurance shouldn’t be pricey just because you live in the Big Apple.  Keep reading to learn all about TSC Direct Auto Insurance, including how it works and how customers rate it. 

How Does TSC Direct Auto Insurance Work?

TSC Direct prides itself on being simple and convenient to use. See the details below for more information about how TSC Direct Auto Insurance works.  

TSC Direct Auto Insurance Payments

Making your auto insurance payments through TSC Direct is quick and painless. Visit the website, click on “Pay Online,” and enter your policy number and zip code to get started. You can then pay by credit card or set up automatic deductions from your checking account. 

TSC Direct Auto Insurance Rate Increases

As with any other insurance company, you are likely to see rate increases for the following reasons:

  • Accidents and traffic violations: Being at fault in an accident or getting a ticket for an offense like driving under the influence is likely to result in rate increases with TSC Direct because these factors make you riskier to an insurance company.
  • Low credit scores: Your credit score is also likely to impact your insurance premiums. If your credit score takes a hit, you can expect to experience a rate increase. 
  • Increasing your amount of driving: TSC Direct charges higher rates for people who drive more miles or commute daily to work since this increases the risk of driving on busy roads and being involved in an accident. 

TSC Direct Auto Insurance Claims

Like making a payment, filing a claim with TSC Direct is quite simple. There’s no need to make a phone call or wait on hold and give endless information to a customer service representative. Instead, policyholders can visit the company’s webpage, click on “Claims,” and submit the claim online. 

TSC Direct’s online claim submission form will ask you to answer a series of yes/no questions, such as whether law enforcement was contacted, if the vehicle’s owner is the person insured, and whether a child restraint seat was installed in the vehicle at the time of the accident. You will also need to fill in some information, such as your name and contact information, your insurance policy number, a description of the accident, and information about your vehicle. Once you complete the one-page form, you are ready to submit your claim for processing.

TSC Direct Auto Insurance Discounts

If you’d like to save even more money on your car insurance, consider taking advantage of some of TSC Direct’s auto insurance discounts. Some discounts are pretty standard across the state of New York as a whole. For instance, you can receive discounts on New York car insurance premiums by taking a state-approved accident prevention course and submitting a certificate of completion to TSC Direct. You can also take a driver’s training course to receive a discount.

Other ways to receive discounts from TSC Direct are as follows:

  • Be a full-time student and maintain a 3.0 or higher GPA.
  • Drive cautiously, and keep an accident-free driving record for at least five years with TSC.
  • Take advantage of new vehicle discounts; if your car is three years old or newer, TSC will offer a discount since newer vehicles are equipped with more advanced safety features. 
  •  You may be able to get additional discounts if you cover multiple vehicles on your TSC policy, have a tracking system like OnStar in your vehicle, or if you qualify for safety discounts based on your car’s VIN number. 

TSC Direct Auto Insurance Coverage Options

TSC offers several coverage options. New York law requires that you carry liability insurance in the amount of $10,000 to cover damage to another person’s property in case you are at fault in an accident, as well as liability insurance of at least $25,000 for bodily injury to another person and $50,000 for the death of another person. Liability insurance in New York must also cover at least $50,000 for injuries to more than one person and $100,000 for death to more than one person in an accident. 

TSC Direct offers liability insurance to meet these requirements. It also offers more extensive coverage, including collision coverage to protect you in the case of damage to your vehicle in an accident, and comprehensive coverage, which covers the cost of damages due to inclement weather, fire, or theft. 

TSC Direct Home Insurance Coverage

In addition to offering auto insurance, TSC Direct provides home insurance coverage to its customers in New York. Just like auto insurance claims, home insurance claims through TSC Direct are simple to file. Visit the website, fill out a brief form, and submit your home insurance claim to TSC Direct without the hassle of waiting on hold on the phone or answering questions for a customer service rep. 

Where is TSC Direct Auto Insurance Available?

TSC Direct Auto Insurance is available in New York City, Long Island, and parts of Westchester County, including the specific locations of Queens, Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Staten Island, and Nassau & Suffolk Counties. While this may make TSC Direct seem rather limited, the reality is that the company is able to specialize in insuring drivers in the New York area since its staff knows the area inside and out. By specializing in New York insurance, TSC direct is able to offer affordable rates and better customer service to New Yorkers.  

TSC Direct Auto Insurance Customer Reviews

Customer reviews of TSC Direct auto insurance receive just under 4 out of 5 stars, with recent reviews averaging 3.7 out of 5 stars over nearly 500 reviews. 

Some positive reviews of TSC Direct are as follows:

  • “So far, so good! I’ve been with them for a couple of months, and I must say I am highly pleased. They do have a fairly thorough underwriting process, but I respect it and understand it. It’s a business! Once I submitted all the needed documents, the process was over quickly.
  • Every time I call, I get a great person who is patient and nice and delivers Grade A customer service! I am very pleased thus far with every bit of service that I have been receiving from them! Very happy I made the switch!”—Tywan A. 
  • “Courteous and rapid claims process. Paperwork was fairly straightforward and minimal.”—Jasmine R. 
  • “I have been with TSC Direct for over 10 years, and they never disappoint. The claims department is always very responsive and friendly. The entire process took two weeks which was fantastic—from the moment I called the claims department to the moment I received my car back brand new! I am very pleased!!”—Melanie A. 
  • “Excellent & timely service. My claim examiner was attentive, professional & super helpful.”—Diane V. 

While TSC Direct Auto insurance does receive nearly 4 out of 5 stars across numerous reviews, not all customer reviews of the company are positive. Most negative reviews include complaints about TSC Direct failing to renew a customer’s policy because of the customer increasing the number of miles they drive. Other negative reviews involve complaints about the company failing to pay for claims. Finally, some customers complain of rate increases with little warning.

Consider the following negative, one-star reviews of TSC Direct Auto insurance:

  • “11 Years as a loyal customer, never a late payment, accident, or significant traffic violation.  They returned that loyalty by terminating my policy through a “non-renewal”.  Why? I started driving to work during Covid.  The increase in mileage was their reason for non-renewal.”—Peter T.
  • “This insurance company is only good if you need to prove you have insurance. They don’t pay if you actually need them and make you jump through hoops if you have a claim. I strongly advise you to pay the extra couple of dollars and get legitimate insurance. You will regret doing business with them.”—Oscar C. 
  • “I was insured with TSC Direct for five years, and then they suddenly terminated my policy. Every time I called to check the status of the renewal they gave me a different reason for my non-renewal. They have no loyalty and uncaring customer employees. It was as if they were looking for different reasons to deny me. I never had any accidents in the five years. There is something bogus about them, and I do not know how they stay in business. Stay away!”—Gerald C.

Based upon customer reviews of TSC Direct Auto insurance, some people have a very positive experience with this company, whereas others have a negative experience. 

Pros and Cons of TSC Direct Auto Insurance

There are both advantages and disadvantages associated with TSC Direct Auto Insurance. Perhaps the greatest advantage of this company is the fact that it is local to New York, so its people know the state well and are therefore able to offer discounted rates. Furthermore, good drivers can save a significant amount of money on TSC Direct. Finally, the company keeps things simple by allowing customers to file claims and pay their bills online. 

Some disadvantages of TSC Direct Auto insurance include the fact that this company is only available in select locations in New York City and surrounding areas and the fact that drivers must meet very strict criteria to be insured by this company. As noted above, they do offer discounts for good driving, but people with a less-than-perfect record may be declined for insurance, or the company may increase rates or refuse to renew customers who become riskier to insure because of traffic violations or increased driving mileage. 

In the end, TSC Direct can be an ideal auto insurance provider for those with clean driving records and who do not drive a significant number of miles. This is because the company is able to offer affordable premiums since they do not insure risky drivers. 

FAQs About TSC Direct Auto Insurance

For additional information about TSC Direct, see the frequently asked questions below. 

Who owns TSC?

Beginning August 1, 2021, Stillwater Property and Casualty Insurance Company assumed ownership of TSC Direct. 

How do I contact TSC?

TSC Direct is available by phone at 1-516-681-9400 or 1-718-895-0036. To buy insurance, call 800-564-6669. The company is located at 100 Jericho Quadrangle, Suite 124, Jericho, NY 11753-2702. 


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