Top Three Phone Apps for Driver Safety

Woman Texting and DrivingPhone apps are everywhere and it seems there’s an app for almost everything. has found some great driver safety cell phone apps, some of which could earn you a discount on your car insurance payments. We’ve gathered the top three apps everyone is talking about to give you our thoughts and tips about each one.

Driver safety and cell phone apps?

These apps perform a special function or include a specific driver safety feature that can help keep you safe. Some of these cell phone apps target distracted driving, others monitor the speed of your vehicle and alert you if you’re driving too fast. The use of cell phones while driving continues to be a leading cause of accidents in the US and we’d like to improve driver safety and maybe save you some money too.  These are our top picks for the best cell phone apps for driver safety.


This cell phone app is well-reviewed across the web, including experts such as Drive appears to be the top free driver safety app currently available. Drive reads your texts, Facebook messages, and tweets while you drive, allowing you to focus on driving.

“Driving Mode” cell phone apps

Most cell phone carriers (and some manufacturers) offer a driving mode setting or app. Some of these are free and some (usually the apps provided by your carrier) cost a monthly subscription fee– usually between $1.99 and $4.99/month. Most of these apps use your cell phone’s accelerometer to determine if your car is moving. If the app determines the car is moving more than 5-10 mph it disables call and texts. You can override this feature, but the overrides are recorded so parents will know when their kids disable the app. For the small fees, this is a small price to pay to ensure teen are safe drivers

Drive Scribe

Potentially a great driver safety app, we think the trouble with Drive Scribe is getting people to actually use the app. Drive Scribe monitors how you drive, offering tips and information in real time as you drive. Drive Scribe monitors your vehicle’s speed and will notify you when you are speeding. While it’s a great idea, we aren’t sure how many people will volunteer for a digital back-seat-driver. That probably explains the other interesting thing about Drive Scribe; you can earn real rewards for driving safely. So the question becomes, how good are these rewards and how much patience will you have when your cell phone critiques your driving?

First generation driver safety apps

Of course, there are more apps out there than what we’ve mentioned here. These are the apps that are most talked about and best reviewed. To find more driver safety apps, visit your cell phone’s app store and search for “safe driving apps” to find apps that are compatible with your phone. In addition to cell phone apps, there are a number of non-cell phone devices that provide a wide range of safe driving features and these are worth checking out as well.

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