Vehicle Title, Tax & Registration Costs By State

March 15, 2019

vehicle tax title registration costs
When you buy a new or used vehicle, you’re always going to pay more than the sticker price. That’s because your state government sees a vehicle purchase as a great opportunity to squeeze some money out of you.

The basic DMV fees, like the title, license plate, and registration fees, are no biggie. But the car dealer may charge their own fees, too. Then, there’s the vehicle sales tax — and yes, this applies to private-party sales too. Some states charge extra on top of that, calling it a wheelage tax, personal property tax, use fee, excise tax, privilege tax or (if they really want to sound fancy) an ad valorem tax.

We’ll go through all the costs to be aware of when purchasing a new or used vehicle. Remember that many states also require proof of insurance when you’re registering your car. Need help finding the best deal on coverage? We can help you find the cheapest rates on car insurance.

Typical Costs When Purchasing a Vehicle

  • Registration Fee: Your state will charge you a certain amount to register your vehicle under your name. As you can see here, vehicle registration fees are all over the map. Some states have a flat rate, while others base the fee on the weight, age or value of the vehicle. Don’t delay! Many states charge extra fees for late registration. One more thing: You might be able to get a vehicle registration tax deduction.
  • License Plate Fee: The license plate cost might be included in your registration, or billed separately. Some states allow you to transfer license plates from your old car to your new one, while others require brand-new plates.
  • Title Transfer Fee: This is a legal document showing the owner of a vehicle. When you buy a car, you’ll need to transfer the title from the previous owner or dealer to you.
  • Lien Recording Fee: If you have a lien on the car (aka a loan), the DMV may charge you to record that lien on the title.
  • Documentation Fee: Auto dealers typically charge their own fees to do all the vehicle-purchase paperwork. Some states place a cap on these fees.
  • Sales Tax: Most states charge sales tax on vehicles. Below, we list the state tax rate, although your city or county government may add its own sales tax as well.
  • Personal Property Tax: Some states require you to pay an annual tax on the value of your vehicle. We’ll review the vehicle property tax for each state in the table below.
  • Emissions/Inspection Fees: States typically require a vehicle to be inspected when you purchase it and may require emissions testing too.
  • Hybrid/Electric Vehicle Fees: Because hybrid/EV owners pay few or no fuel taxes, many states charge them extra fees.

Vehicle Registration Fees and Other Costs by State

A few notes: These car registration fees are for passenger cars only; states charge different fees for RVs, trucks, antique cars, etc. The numbers we found are current as of 2019, but it’s smart to check the current numbers with your state department of motor vehicles.

Vehicle Registration, Tax, and Title Fees
State Registration Fee License Plate Fee Title Fee Dealer Documentation Fees Personal Property Tax / Vehicle License Fee State Vehicle Sales Tax Air Quality / Emissions Inspection Other
Alabama $15-$23 + $50 annually $1.25 to transfer $15 No limit N/A 2% N/A N/A
Alaska $100 N/A $15 no limit; must be incl. in vehicle price N/A N/A N/A N/A
Arizona $8 + $32 Public Safety Fee $12 to transfer $4 No limit $2.80(new vehicles)/$2.89(used vehicles) for each $100 of the assesed value 5.6% $1.50 N/A
Arkansas $17-$30 $1 $10 $129 cap Varies by county 6.5% N/A $2.50 decal fee
California $60 plus transportation improvement fee of $25-$175 $27 $15 $80 cap .65% of value 7.5% $8 smog transfer fee $100 EV fee;$26 CHP fee
Colorado Based on weight Varies by county N/A No limit 3-2.1% of value, based on age 2.9% $2.70 $50 annual fee for plug-in vehicles
Connecticut $80 for two years $7 $25 No limit Based on 70% of retail value 6.35%-7.75% $10 clean air fee;$40 Emissions Exemption fee $10 admin fee; $10 parks fee
Delaware $40 N/A $35-$55 4.25% of purchase price or NADA book value, whichever is greater N/A N/A N/A N/A
Florida $14.50-$32.50; $225 for new vehicle fee $28 for new plates $77.25-$85.25 No limit N/A 6% N/A N/A
Georgia $20 N/A $18 No limit N/A 7% ad valorem tax $25 emissions inspection $200 annual alternative-fuel fee
Hawaii $45 plus weight-based fee $5 $5 No limit Based on weight 4.166% to 4.712% N/A N/A
Idaho $45-$69, depending on vehicle age N/A $14 No limit N/A 6% of value or purchase price $11 emissions inspection (Kuna and Canyon County) $140 annual EV fee;$75 plug-in hybrid fee
Illinois $101 N/A $95 $179.81 (changes annually) N/A 6.25% and up N/A Use tax of $25 to $1,500, depending on age and value
Indiana $21.35 N/A $15 No limit N/A 7% N/A Transportation Infrastructure Improvement Fee of $15; excise tax of $12-$532;$150 EV fee; $50 hybrid fee
Iowa Up to 1% of list price, depending on age N/A $25 for replacement No limit N/A N/A N/A N/A
Kansas $39-$49(depends on county) N/A $10 and up No limit 2% on average 7.5% and up N/A N/A
Kentucky $21 N/A $9 No limit 45 cents per $100 of value 6% N/A N/A
Louisiana $20-$82 depending on value N/A $68.50 $200 cap N/A 4% N/A Use taxes set by parish/county
Maine $35 N/A $33 No limit Annual excise tax (depends on age of vehicle) 5.5% N/A N/A
Maryland $135-$187 for two years $10 transfer $100 $300 cap N/A 6% $14 emissions inspection $17 annual EMS fee
Massachusetts $60 for two years $25 transfer $75 No limit $25 per $1000 of excise value 6.25% $35 emissions/inspection fee
Michigan Based on vehicle value N/A $15 $200 cap N/A 6% N/A $135-$235 annual EV fee;$47.50-$117.50 hybrid fee
Minnesota $35 and up, based on vehicle value $12 (double plates) $28.25 (as of July 1, 2020) $125 (as of July 1, 2020 N/A 6.5% N/A $10 and up wheelage tax; $75 annual EV fee
Mississippi $12.75 for renewals, $14 for first time registrations N/A $9 No limit Ad valorem taxes based on vehicle value and county 5% N/A %150 EV fee; $75 hybrid fee
Missouri $21.75 and up based on taxable horsepower N/A $11 No limit N/A 4.225% and up $24 (St. Louis area only) $75 annual fee for alt-fuel vehicles; $37.50 for plug-in hybrids
Montana $28-$217, based on vehicle age, plus a 3% fee N/A $10-$12 No limit N/A None N/A County option tax based on vehicle value; $8.24 security interest fee
Nebraska $20.50 including fees $3.30 per plate $10 No limit Mootor Vehicle Tax based on vehicle value 5.5.% N/A $5-$30 motor vehicle fee; $75 alt-fuel fee
Nevada $33 $8 $29.25 No limit Governmental Services Tax based on vehicle value 8.1% $47.50-$78 Supplemental Govermental Services Tax based on vehicle value
New Hampshire $31.20 and up based on weight plus $10 transfer fee plus local fees $8 $25 No limit N/A none Included in inspection cost Local fees based on age and value of vehicle
New Jersey $35.50-$84 based on weight $6 $60 or $85 with lien No limit N/A 6.625% No charge N/A
New Mexico $27-$62 based on weight and model year No cost $5 No limit N/A 3% $15-$25 (Bernalillo County only) N/A
New York $26-$140 based on weight $25 $50 $75 cap N/A 4% $11-$27 Vehicle use tax/MCTD fees (NYC and some counties)
North Carolina $36-$67 based on weight $20 $52 No limit Vehicle Property Tax based on value and locality Highway use tax of 3% of vehicle value (max. $250 for new) $16.40 for some vehicles/counties $130 EVE fee; regional transportation tax in some counties
North Dakota $49-$274 based n age and weight No cost $5 No limit N/A N/A 5% N/A
Ohio $34.50 $4.50 to transfer;$11.75 for new plates $15 $250 or 10% of the sales contract price whichever is less N/A 5.75% No charge N/A
Oklahoma $96 for a new registration; decrease over time N/A $11 plus $17 transfer fee No limit N/A 1.25% N/A Excise tax of 3.25% for a new vehicle; for used cars, $20 on the 1st $1,500 of value + 3.25% of the remainder
Oregon $112-$172 for two years; for new cars, $248-$368 $24 for new plates, $6 to transfer $93 $115-$150 max N/A 0.5% privilege tax on new vehicle purchases $10 in Medford, $21 in Portland $110 annual fee for plug-in hybrid vehicles
Pennsylvania $37 N/A $53 $118-$141 N/A 6% (7% for residents of Allegheny Count and 8% for Philadelphia residents) Included in inspection cost N/A
Rhode Island $41.50 N/A $51.50 No limit Excise tax based on vehicle value 7% Included in $55 inspectionn cost N/A
South Carolina $40 N/A $15 No limit Annual personal property tax based on vehicle value 5% Infrastructure Maintenance Fee ($500 max) N/A $46-$116 Gross Vehicle Weight Fee; $250 infrastructure fee if transferring registration; $60 biennial hybrid fee; $120 EV fee
South Dakota Based on weight and model year N/A $10 No limit N/A 4% N/A Wheel tax (varies by county)
Tennessee $76 Included No limit N/A N/A 7% $9 $100 annual EV fee; wheel tax (varies by county)
Texas $51.75 plus local fees Included Varies by County If over $150 dealer must notify the state N/A 6.25% Varies by County $90 tax when moving vehicle to Texas
Utah Based on model year Included $6 No limit Uniform fee due annually based on vehicle age Varies by city Usually $20-$30 EV and hybrid fees (increase each year)
Vermont $76 Included $35 No limit N/A 6% Varies by city N/A
Virginia $40.75 – $51.75 based on weight (plus $2 for emissions inspections in some localities) Included $15 No limit Personal property tax set by localities 4.15% of sales price, minimum charge $75 $28 max $64 EV fee
Washington $30 plus filing fees $10 per plate $15 $150 N/A Varies by county, plus 0.3% motor vehicle sales/use tax $15 $150 electric vehicle fee
Washington D.C. $72-$155 based on weight/ $36 for hybrids/EVs $7 tag transfer; $10 replacement $26 No limit N/A 6-8% excise tax based on weight. Some vehicles may be exempted. $10 N/A
West Virginia $51.50 Included $15 No limit Personal property tax set by localities 6% titling sales tax on vehicles over $500 N/A $200 EV fee, $100 plug-in hybrid fee
Wisconsin $75 Included $69.50 No limit N/A 5% No charge $10-$30 wheel tax (varies by county);$100 EV fee, $75 hybrid fee
Wyoming $30 plus county fees Included $15 No limit N/A 4% N/A $50 EV fee

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