What to do if You're Driving During a Tornado

Crossing paths with a tornado is every driver’s worst night. However, these situations happen sometimes. Instead of turning a blind eye, learn how to handle this heart-pounding natural disaster so that you can escape the situation unscathed.

Eye-to-eye with the storm

Here are some pointers provided by AccuWeather.

  • Don’t race against it: When you find yourself face-to-face with a twister, the natural human response of fight-or-flight kicks in. Your knee-jerk reaction might be to put your car in drive and high-tail it out of town. However, the source pointed out that this is actually the No. 1 most important thing not to do. Meteorologist Dave Samuel explained that tornadoes tend to crisscross roads and they don’t necessarily follow a straight trajectory.
  • Abandon ship: It feels wrong to leave your vehicle during a tornado for so many reasons. You’re leaving one of your most valued possessions. You feel safer inside the car. The list goes on and on. But the fact of the matter is that your safety is the most critical aspect of the situation and exiting the vehicle puts you farther from harm’s way.
  • Find a ditch: Once you’ve pulled your car over and abandoned ship, find the nearest establishment where you can protect yourself from the storm. If you’re far from any signs of life, you can duck down in a ditch, stretching your arms over your head to shield yourself from any falling debris.
  • Be mindful of developing weather: Once you’re in the brunt of the storm, it’s important to try to stay abreast of developing conditions. Even though the inclement weather may seem to have improved, it may be false hope. The eye of the storm tends to entail calm conditions. However, strong winds and funnels can potentially return and cause just as much, if not more, damage than before. Don’t venture out during the eye of the storm. Wait for it to pass altogether. It might seem like the storm has passed, but you may just be experiencing the eye of it.

But what about the car?

“Your safety is the most critical aspect of the situation.”

Even if you don’t live in the South, a tornado can still happen in your area. According to Trusted Choice, tornadoes have occurred in all 50 states. While you might not have much choice but to ditch your car mid-storm, you can protect it from damage in other ways.

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