Amigo MGA Auto Insurance

  • Customer Service: 678-679-3196
  • Claims: 678-269-6994

Amigo MGA was launched in 2009 and is committed to high quality insurance. Amigo MGA paired up with local independent agents across the US, who have an extensive knowledge of the insurance industry and are ready to help with any coverage questions. Amigo means ‘friend’ in Spanish and that’s what Amigo intend to be to their customers: a friend that you can rely on.

Why choose Amigo MGA Auto Insurance?

  • You can sign in to your secure customer portal to make a payment 24/7
  • Amigo MGA offer low downpayments and flexible monthly payments
  • They specialize in offering insurance to those who may have had trouble getting coverage elsewhere

Did you know...?

  • Their headquarters are in Florida
  • Only want the basics? Amigo can help you to get the minimum coverage to keep you legal on the road
  • Spanish speaking representatives are available

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