Amigo MGA Auto Insurance

  • Customer Service: 678-679-3196
  • Claims: 678-269-6994

Amigo MGA was launched in 2009 in Florida, looking to restore Florida’s non-standard insurance market. Today, they have made a commitment to offering high-quality insurance and service. Over the years, they have expanded into multiple states across the US, becoming a trusted leader among independent insurance agents.


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They sell their policies exclusively through independent agents across the USA. Amigo carefully chooses which agents they want to partner with, consequently upholding their reputation of great customer service. They train their agents to have extensive knowledge of the insurance industry. That means that they are able to answer any and all questions that you may have.


When interacting with Amigo, you will always speak to a real person and not a robot. They have an email address that you can contact anytime, day or night. In addition, their phone line is open 5 days a week. Amigo means ‘friend’ in Spanish and that’s what Amigo intends to be to their customers: a friend that you can rely on.


They provide affordable insurance for people who usually struggle to get coverage elsewhere. Amigo MGA offers low down payments and flexible monthly payments so that your policy fits your budget. If you only want the basics, they can help you to get the minimum coverage that you need to stay legal on the road.


Why choose Amigo MGA Auto Insurance?

  • Spanish speaking representatives are available
  • Make payments online any time, whenever is convenient for you
  • Flexible payments are available, including extended payment plans

Did you know...?

  • Their headquarters are in Clearwater, Florida
  • Amigo has been in the insurance business for over eight years
  • They specialize in insurance for traditionally ‘high risk’ drivers

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