Freedom National Insurance Company

  • Customer Service: 888-542-4222 option 1
  • Claims: 888-542-4222 option 2
  • Roadside Assistance: 800-338-2680

Freedom National provides trustworthy, affordable auto insurance coverage to drivers of every sort, whether you have a less-than-perfect driving record, or are seeking immediate coverage. Since 1999, Freedom National has worked to combine quality service with the latest technology to make it easy to buy online and print proof of coverage in minutes.

Why choose Freedom National Auto Insurance?

  • Buy and manage your policy online in minutes to get instant proof of coverage
  • Use a credit, debit or checking account and pay online, by mail, or phone—or in cash at any Western Union location

Did you know...?

  • Freedom National accepts all kinds of drivers—including those who need an SR-22 or have a DUI.
  • Freedom offers many discounts: multi-vehicle, auto-pay, good driver discounts & more
  • Assistance provided by staff of knowledgeable, bilingual claims and customer service representatives

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You could save up to 32% by using!

Based on a survey of 100 California Residents. Average savings determined via a comparison of their selected policy against their self-reported annual premium.