EverDrive App Review - Can It Save You Money?

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Do you claim to be the best driver in your circle of friends and family? Do you want a way to prove it and potentially save money at the same time? EverDrive might just be the app for you.

The EverDrive social safe driving app scores your driving by using your smartphone’s sensors on five factors and helps you learn whether you are that great driver you boast to be or if you might need some tips to improve your driving skills. The five factors rated are acceleration, braking, cornering, phone use, and speed. We did a trial of the app to get an idea of what the buzz was all about.

EverDrive: The Pros

  • It’s free: The app is fully functional and completely free on both Apple and Android operating systems.
  • Hands free start/stop: The app automatically starts to record trips when it senses you moving and stops when your trip is complete. You will have to allow the app to track your location which helps it establish whether you are traveling or not.
  • Insurance Discounts for Good Drivers: EverDrive will search for car insurance discounts for you. All you need to do is keep up your good driving score.
  • Notifications are not obnoxious or annoying: You’ll get some notifications throughout the week from the app saying things like “Your official driving score is ready!” or “Did you know you can get auto insurance discounts through EverDrive?”. The notifications were not bothersome and I received a total of 6 through the trial.

The app is overall very user-friendly. When the app is recording on an Android system, it is very easy to tell when it is working as there is a banner notification that says ‘Currently tracking your trip’ and the EverDrive logo as an icon. During the trial run of the app, it did not use as much data as I thought it would have since it was using the phone’s telematics and location every time I drove. The scoring was very easy to understand and the map interface that shows your trips is easy to distinguish the different ‘dings’ to your score and what they are for.

EverDrive: The Cons

  • Can drain your battery: On an everyday commute trip, the battery usage is not very high. Once you start going on longer trips that say are longer than an hour, you can note how significantly your phone battery drains as it is running in the background.
  • No reminder to note if you are driver or passenger: Many of us probably spend almost equal parts driving and/or being driven around by either Uber, Lyft or a friend. The app does not immediately remind you to note if you are a driver or passenger so your score could be affected if you forget to ‘pause’ the recording.
  • 90 day minimum for insurance discounts: To be able to participate in the insurance discounts for good drivers, you have to have driving data for at least 90 days and have allowed sharing your score data with the insurers.

If you plan on taking long road trips, you will most likely already have a navigation or maps app running and having EverDrive tracking your driving as well will only drain your battery quicker. Also, it is very easy to have your score messed up a bit if you forget to change your status from driver to passenger if you are not driving. Your Uber, Lyft or carpool buddies might not be as careful as you and if you don’t remember to change the status right away, you might be playing the guessing game a couple of days later to turn off which trips you were not a driver.

Lastly, if you are trying to get insurance discounts right away, don’t expect to see them.  Unfortunately, you have to wait and provide driving data for at least 90 days before the app will share the information to insurers and you can hope to see your hard work pay off and see some discounts.

Don’t have 90 days to wait for the possibility of a car insurance discount? See if you can find cheaper car insurance today.

Need to improve your score?

Have you discovered that maybe you are not the absolute best driver you thought yourself to be? Don’t worry, follow these safe driving tips to become a better driver!

  • Make sure you focus on driving! Ignore that phone that we all can’t seem to get away from. If you need help with lowering phone use during your drive, check out some of these apps that can make your phone go silent while you drive.
  • Driving defensively isn’t too bad after all. It is important to be aware of other drivers around you and always expect the unexpected.
  • Don’t drive while you are tired, this can be very dangerous. Always be aware if you are starting to get drowsy and pull over and rest instead.

Remember it is better to drive safely and carefully because your driving record could impact your auto insurance rates. Ensure you are getting the best rate no matter what your driving history looks like. Don’t wait for the discounts to come to you!

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