Verti Car Insurance

Why choose Verti Car Insurance?

  • Verti’s mobile app includes a panic button, available 24/7 if you’re ever in an accident
  • Not everyone wants to email and call, you can also contact Verti via text
  • Each policyholder is paired with their own Personal Advisor

Did you know...?

  • A digital-first company, they are online based, which means less paper and a greener footprint
  • Verti offers rideshare coverage, perfect if you are a weekend Uber or Lyft driver
  • You can upload pictures of your claim via their mobile app
  • Customer Service: 844-488-3784
  • Claims: 844-488-3784

Verti is an insurance company that’s that bit different. They looked at the industry and saw old-fashioned methods and automated customer service. Verti offer personalized service, with real people listening to your needs and giving you the best service they can.

Verti is part of the MAPFRE Group; who boast over 38,000 employees across more than 100 countries. MAPFRE insures more than 13 million vehicles, so they know a thing or two about car insurance. With the backing of a veteran of the insurance industry, you can be sure that Verti is a company is an insurer you can rely on.

Offering insurance in Pennsylvania, their employees understand that insurance can be complicated and strive to make it not only affordable but also understandable. They train their staff to really listen to your concerns and questions and ensure that you’re getting the right coverage and service that you need.

Policyholders can download Verti’s free app to manage your policy. This is not your average mobile app! If you have any questions about the app or your policy, a personal advisor is just a tap away to chat. You can also report a claim and host all your important documents so that they’re ready when you need them.

Their payment options are also ‘set it and forget it’. That means that once you set a date and link your account, you don’t need to think about it again. No more missed payments!

The best thing about their app? The panic button. Sometimes you’re driving late at night and something just doesn’t feel right; or you’ve broken down at the side of the road and you don’t know what to do; or even worse, you’ve had an accident.

Verti Car Insurance Discounts

  • Go Green: Do you drive an electric car or a hybrid? As a thanks for saving the environment, Verti will you save some money
  • Graduate: Being a student is expensive, Verti wants to help offering you a discount on your policy
  • Good Payer: Pay your bill on time and take advantage of an 8% discount
  • Good Driver: Claim free for 3 years or more? Verti is proud of you, so proud they’ll give you a discount of up to 5%
  • Homeowner: Save up to 5% on your policy if you own your home or condo
  • Online: Buy your policy online and get a discount: simple!

Verti Car Insurance Customer Review

“I just came across this insurance company and I’m glad I did. Called them up and got a representative . . . He helped me through the whole process. Was very kind, informative and helpful. He just saved me $200 dollars on my car insurance. Couldn’t be happier.”

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