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A division of General Motors (who also make Buick, Cadillac and GMC), Chevrolet was founded in 1911. With Alfred Sloans’ aim of creating ‘a car for every purse and purpose’ they launched models to compete with Ford’s Model T.

In the early 2010s, Chevrolet’s reputation was dragged through the courts. A very public scandal found that there was a fault with the ignition switch, whereby a bump in the road could cut power off to the engine, causing the steering wheel, airbags and brakes to stop working. Further scandals followed: airbags shoot out pieces of shrapnel; a software defect stops airbags deploying… things were looking bleak.

Following a brand-overhaul, Chevrolet has come back stronger than ever. Winning countless dependability, safety and quality awards from big names like J.D. Power and Kelley Blue Book things are looking up. Today, Chevrolet’s headquarters are in Detroit, Michigan with more than 140 operations across the globe.

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