Ford Car Insurance

The Ford Motor Company was incorporated in 1903 and their famous Model A car was sold for $850. This car could reach up to 30 mph with its 2-cylinder engine, and still exists – in the private collection of Bill Ford, former CEO of Ford Motor Company.

In the process of streamlining the automobile-making process with his assembly line, Henry Ford forever changed the way the manufacturing industry works. Many things we take for granted today were founded through the Ford company: the 9-5 work day, the moving assembly line and the first (commercially successful) V8 engine.

Today, Ford vehicles are known for their comfort, style, and affordability. Ford is the parent company of the luxury brand Lincoln, and between the two brands, there isn’t a model of car you can’t buy. Ford’s current line includes SUVs, compact cars, mid- and full-size sedans, sportscars, hybrids and trucks. In 2018, Ford announced they would no longer manufacture sedans and would reduce their car range to just the Mustang and Focus Active Crossover. Don’t worry: the F-150 isn’t going anywhere.

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