Ford EcoSport Car Insurance

June 12, 2018

Ford’s entry level SUV, the brand-new EcoSport has quickly become one of the US’ favorite cars. Hopping on the compact SUV trend, the Ford Ecosport brings versatility to the larger Expeditions and Explorers of the Ford lineup.

The Ford EcoSport comes in four different specifications, ranging from the basic S to the fully loaded Titanium model. Prices range from around $20,000 – $27,000, which is pretty reasonable for a brand-new SUV.

Where the EcoSport falls short is in the engine department. Unless you opt for the most expensive SES model, you’re stuck with a 1L engine. Big SUVs and small engines don’t mix. As it’s so underpowered, it gets through your gas tank very quickly. Car and Driver describes the Ford EcoSport as having “modest accommodations, modest power and unfortunately modest fuel economy.”

Ford EcoSport Fun Facts

  • The Ford EcoSport was released for the first time in 2018, making it Ford’s newest model
  • Truly breaking the mold, the EcoSport has a swing trunk door instead of the usual lift gate
  • The screen inside the Ford EcoSport works like your phone: you can play music, pinch, swipe, tap and zoom

The Ford EcoSport is a compact SUV for the modern generation. You know what else the modern generation realizes? It pays to compare. can help you to compare car insurance prices easily. Start today and get a free quote with trusted companies and real prices. Start now!

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