Ford Explorer Car Insurance

June 08, 2018

Introduced in 1990, the Ford Explorer has been through a range of upgrades and overhauls before reaching today’s model. The Ford Explorer is one of those cars with a somewhat checkered history. In the early 2000’s, the Ford Explorer had significant controversy following the Firestone/Ford scandal, making them a strong rollover risk. U-Haul also announced what would become a decade-long ban on renting trailers to Ford Explorer owners, due to insufficient pulling power.

Following the scandals in the early 2000’s, Ford Explorer sales plummeted. At their peak in 2000, Ford was selling more than 1,200 Explorers per day. By 2009, this had dropped to less than 150 a day.

Luckily today, these scandals are in their rear-view mirror and the Ford Explorer has had a complete makeover. The 2018 model looks dramatically different to its 2001 ancestor and the interior upgrades have placed them firmly in the 21st century.

One cool feature of the updated Explorer is its integration with Amazon Alexa. Moving into the modern world where everything is connected, you can also use their new Ford-Pass. Forgotten where your parked? Ford-Pass can help. Can’t remember if you locked your car? Do it through Ford-Pass. Download their app and you can do just about anything car-connected.

Ford Explorer Quick Facts

  • Law enforcement, fire departments, and EMS agencies use a special version of the Explorer called the Explorer Special Service Vehicle
  • Explorers are popular among engine tuning enthusiasts, as many parts are interchangeable with parts from the Mustang engine
  • The Ford Explorer comes in five model options, ranging from the basic Explorer through to the Platinum model

Whether you’ve dropped $60,000 on a top-of-the-range Explorer, or $600 on a seasoned model, getting good insurance is what’s really important. Compare prices and packages on Ford Explorer car insurance with Start now and see how much you can save!

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