Ford Flex Car Insurance

June 12, 2018

Ford introduced the Flex in 2009, acting as a crossover from the Taurus to the Edge. Car and Driver describes it as “a modern version of the old-school station wagon.” With seating for up to seven passengers, the Ford Flex is just as roomy as Ford’s other large SUVs.

An odd mix of a sedan, minivan, SUV and station wagon the Ford Flex has firmly placed itself in the ‘cool parent’ category. The interior of the Flex is a pleasant surprise, offering tons of space and a luxurious feel.

Unfortunately, few get far enough to witness the Flex’s interior. Its boxy shape puts many off purchasing the jack-of-all-trades vehicle. The Ford Flex sells barely 20,000 models a year, less than 10% of its sister car: The Ford Explorer. Even the slow-selling Ford Taurus outsold the Flex by almost 3:1 (Car and Driver).

Despite it’s bad rap, Ford Flex owners sure are loyal. Consumer Reports surveyed large SUV owners and Ford Flex owners were the most likely to buy that car again.

Ford Flex Quick Facts

  • Always judge a car by its cup holders? The Ford Flex has a possible 10 places to safely hold your various drinks
  • Bursting with technology, the Flex has Active Park Assist, Blind Spot Information and adaptive cruise control
  • The Ford Flex is available in three models, the SE, SEL and top-of-the-line Limited specification

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