Ford Fusion Car Insurance

June 08, 2018

First sold in 2006, the Ford Fusion is a mid-size car that’s a step up from the Ford Focus. Car and Driver reviewed the 2018 model as “exceptionally good looking”. Derek Zoolander would be so proud.

The latest Ford Fusion comes in twelve models, ranging from the base model S to the Fusion Energi Platinum. You want a hybrid? There’s a model for that (Several, actually). A company car? They got that. Something sportier? They got that too.

Fun Facts About the Ford Fusion

  • The Ford Fusion was the first sedan to be available with four different powertrain options: gasoline, EcoBoost, hybrid and plug-in hybrid
  • In August 2007, a hydrogen-powered version of the Fusion racing on the Bonneville Salt Flats set a record for the fastest fuel cell ground vehicle speed: 207.297 mph
  • In Europe, the Fusion is called the Ford Mondeo (pronounced Monn-day-oh)

Not your average family car, the Ford Fusion sure packs a punch. The Fusion Sport model has an impressive 380lb-ft of torque. That’s more than the Ford Edge Sport, the Ford Explorer Sport and even the Mustang EcoBoost.

The Ford Fusion is one of Ford’s safest cars, with tons of cutting-edge features – even on the most basic model. Blind spot assist, adaptive cruise control and even pothole mitigation technology. Nice. Even the S model comes standard with a voice-activated communications and entertainment, reducing the driver’s opportunity for distracted driving.

At the Daytona 500 in 2006, the Ford Fusion replaced the Ford Taurus as the model used in NASCAR racing. A year later Ford unveiled the safer “Car of Tomorrow” — yet met some scorn from fans and drivers who thought it was hideous. Then the 2013 Ford Fusion was unveiled as the new Sprint Cup series car. Fans loved the sleek look and the fact that it closely resembled the Fusions they had in their driveways.

The Ford Fusion is a classic, safe, stable car that moonlights as a NASCAR racer. If you’re using your Fusion to get you from A to B, we’ll make sure you’re covered for every letter in the alphabet. Compare Ford Fusion car insurance with and see how much you can save today!

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