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June 08, 2018

The Ford Taurus was introduced in 1986, and has been in near-constant production for nearly thirty years. It is the fourth-longest running vehicle in the Ford lineup. However, after more than thirty years of development and improvement, the Ford Taurus has officially reached the top of its game. In 2018, Ford announced that it would no longer be making its hatchback and sedan models in the US (except the Focus and its iconic Mustang).

When the new model was slated to be introduced in 2004, Ford gave models for display at dealerships in Buffalo, Tampa and Houston, to drum up excitement for the release. Sadly, its anticipation was short-lived and sales have gradually declined over the past 5 years. In 2015, the Ford Taurus sold less than half the number of cars compared to 2005.

The Taurus is a larger four-door car, ranging from the basic SE model to the super-powered SHO. The V6 engine has power and quick acceleration and the 3.5L EcoBoost in the SHO offers a crazy 365 horsepower. Unfortunately, the Taurus never really won America’s hearts, Car and Driver reviewed it as “Big and heavy, relatively small back seat, poor braking, lifeless steering.” Ouch.

Ford Taurus Fun Facts

  • In 2012, the Ford Taurus became the now-recognizable police interceptor vehicles, replacing the Crown Victoria, which had become the iconic police car.
  • Slow sales for the Ford Taurus has meant that customers can get a sweet deal, with dealers offering huge discounts and incentives
  • Despite having slower sales in recent years, the Ford Taurus is still ranked in J.D. Power’s top 10 most popular large cars

If you’ve bucked the trend and bought yourself a Ford Taurus, we salute you. Making sure that your steady and sensible Taurus (or your fast and furious SHO) is well insured is vital if you want to stay legal on the roads. Luckily, can help you compare Ford Taurus car insurance for free. Enter your details one time and see how much you could save today.

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