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June 18, 2018

The Honda CR-V has been named 2018 SUV of the year by Motor Trend. “Others might excel in certain fields, but others don’t put the whole package together the way the CR-V does.” Says Motor Trend’s editor, Alisa Priddle. Consumer Reports called the Honda CR-V “one of the more sensible and competitively priced choices in the small SUV class,” with excellent braking.

There’s just one model of the 2018 Honda CR-V, but it comes in six trim styles. The basic 2WD LX includes some nice extras, most notably the intelligent Multi-Information Display (iMID), which includes a rear-view camera, Bluetooth integration, and Pandora radio.

The top-of-the-line Touring model includes heated front seats, a leather-trimmed interior, and a moonroof. The new Honda CR-V also includes advanced safety features that can help you save money on your CR-V car insurance.

Honda CR-V Fun Facts

  • The CR-V also won Kelley Blue Book’s Best Buy Award for 2018
  • In 2012, the Honda CR-V was the bestselling SUV not only in the United States but in the world
  • No one’s quite sure what CR-V stands for; according to some Honda literature it means “Comfortable Runabout Vehicle.”

While the Honda CR-V is a perennial bestseller, critics have criticized past models for being a less than exciting drive. Car and Driver was critical of the 2012 CR-V’s performance: “When you pop out to pass and give the CR-V the boot, it’s going to need a lot of time to get up to speed.” But Honda heard them and updated the CR-V with a turbocharged 1.5L engine, driving at an impressive 7.6 seconds 0-60 mph. The same as its competitor, the Ford Edge and 3 seconds faster than the Ford EcoSport.

Whether you’re interested in the CR-V’s improved engine or are all about safety, critics agree that the Honda CR-V is a great choice. Another great choice? Using to make sure you get the best price on your car insurance. Compare prices from dozens of insurers for free. Start now!

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