Honda Pilot Car Insurance

June 18, 2018

First introduced in 2002, the Honda Pilot is a mid-size crossover SUV, and the largest Honda SUV. New car buyers can expect to pay between approximately $30,000 – $50,000 for the Honda Pilot. Depending whether you want the basic LX model or the top of the line Elite specification.

For a three-row crossover SUV, the Pilot is surprisingly fast. The V6 engine provides plenty of power to get you down the road. Car and Driver lists its 0-60 mph as 6.2 seconds. That’s faster than many cars half the size, including a Volkswagen Golf, Ford Focus and Honda Civic.

Critics say it isn’t as much fun to drive as other vehicles in its class, it brakes fairly hard, and the steering does not give much feedback. Everything is also touch screen, so looking for the radio volume can be a longer journey than the old-fashioned route.

Honda Pilot Quick Facts

  • The Honda Pilot is currently manufactured in Lincoln, Alabama, but until 2007 it was manufactured in Ontario, Canada
  • The Pilot is Honda’s only three-row SUV
  • In 2017, the Honda Pilot sold less than half the number of vehicles as the Ford Explorer

The Honda Pilot is the SUV version of the teacher’s pet: it wins everything. Kelley Blue Book has awarded the Honda Pilot Midsize SUV Best Buy for 3 years straight (2018). U.S. News & World Report also gave Honda the coveted title of Best SUV Brand in 2018. That also covers their CR-V and HR-V models.

Want an SUV that’s safe? Well, the Pilot won some of those awards too. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) listed it as 2018 Top Safety Pick, due to its best in class safety technology. The National Highway and Safety Administration (NHSTA) also gave it 5-stars based on its overall safety.

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