Subaru Outback Car Insurance

June 21, 2018

The Subaru Outback, as with all Subarus, is a leader in safety technology. With multiple airbags and other safety items, the Outback gets a 9.8 out of 10 from US News and World Report on their safety ratings reviews.

The Outback debuted in 1989 in sedan and station wagon versions. In 1996, it was marketed as the Legacy Outback, the nameplate that it would replace, then was shortened to Outback.

The Outback Sport has a more off-road body style and a raised suspension. The Sport was replaced in 2013 with Subaru XV that was built on the fourth-generation model.

Subaru Outback Quick Facts

  • The 2019 version will include a Steering Responsive LED Headlight System
  • The Outback is more than an SUV – it’s also the name for Subaru’s answer to the discontinued Legacy station wagon
  • All-wheel drive is standard on many Outbacks, unlike many other vehicles where it’s optional

The Subaru Outback remains a huge favorite for car buyers want a vehicle that can get them around in a style and comfort. This classic nameplate is ideal for snowy climates where the all-wheel drive and long-wide wheelbase provides safety and power.

Subaru Outback Safety Features

  • 4-wheel ABS on disc brakes
  • 5 airbags including front and rear head airbags
  • Electronic stability control
  • Constant traction control
  • Brake assist standard on all models

The Outback is a favorite of amateur and semi-pro rally racers. The reasonable price and powerful features make it a great entry vehicle for anyone hoping to enter into off-road racing.

While the WRX is frequently chosen for the professional circuit, the genes of the off-road powerhouse are in the Outback. The all-wheel power is legendary and makes it easy for the Outback to navigate dirt road, mud, and loose gravel.

The Subaru is great for your kids (and fur-kids), off-roading and making it through snowy conditions. Car insurance companies appreciate how safe and steady the Outback can offer lower prices to compensate. See whether you’re paying too much for your Subaru Outback car insurance today!

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