Millennials Top Car Picks


Top Cars for Millennials

When it comes to Generation Y there are always new up-and-coming trends or crazes that everyone jumps on board with. Typically, these fads lean towards the newest technologies and fashion revelations, which isn’t far from what millennials look for when they find themselves in the market for a new car. Perhaps unsurprisingly, this group of car buyers isn’t looking to break the bank when it comes to picking out a new set of wheels, according to Market Watch. Accompanied with lower price tags, the cars that most millennials are going for are sporty, sleek and conventional.

Athletic handling

Young people like to be in control in the driver’s seat. Among the top car picks for millennials are three automobiles that boast athletic handling and drive, according to Edmunds. The Scion tC is a sporty coupe with prices starting as low as $21,039. Slightly pricier but still sporty is the Mitsubishi Lancer, 48.6 percent of sales can be attributed to Generation Y buyers. With a price tag similar to the Scion tC, the Mazda3 also drives onto the scene as one of the top buys among millennials.


Several popular cars among millennials fall into the more sleek and stylish, yet still affordable, category of automobiles. However, most go for conventional convenience and versatility. The turbocharged Volkswagen GTI is spacious, simple and practical. The Subaru Impreza and Volkswagen Jetta are two other high ranking vehicles among the Generation Y demographic that boast lots of space, as well as practicality.

Still others in this trendy category of young professionals opt for a more fun ride, or a vehicle that gets them where they need to go in smooth and stylish manner. Starting at $25,481, the Volkswagen Golf attracts buyers who are almost 35 percent from the millennial generation. No matter what their style, most millennials go for the used car section.

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